Monday, March 13, 2006

Branching Out

sticks and sand
March, 2006

Building Stickland at the park.

It was a family day at the park with lots of running around, climbing, sliding, and playing in the sand box.
Zak watched a young girl place sticks on a mound of sand. He was very intrigued by this and decided to do one for himself.
He must have spent a half hour collecting, placing and replacing the twigs just so.
While building, he declared it Stickland.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Guest Artist: Lulu

Mixed media on paper
March 2006

This is the first work of art Lulu and I worked on together.
This is a very big deal for me.

She selected the items to be pasted.
I asked where she wanted them.
She pointed and I would ask "There?"
Her reply: "Mm-Hmm"
(her way of saying "Yes")

Thanks, Zak, for letting your little sister post her work here.